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Bears! Oh, My!

Bears sightings are in the west are common and increasing across the northeast. Mountain lion sightings and encounters are well documented in Los Angeles, CA. A guest blog by Susan Fehsinger, New Hampshire “I’ve spent most of my life in southern New Hampshire. Growing up, we never heard of bears being anywhere near our area, but […]

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Goldfinch at feeder

The Best of Seeds and the Worst of Seeds

Cold weather in the northern hemisphere and the Holiday Season everywhere are upon us and many gifts for bird lovers fill store shelves. But, shopping for seeds to fill the backyard feeder can be confusing and even frustrating. Many types of seed and mixes are for sale. Some blends are designed to attract specific species, […]

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Solving Yard Problems Caused by Woodchucks, Rabbits and Chipmunks

Damage, or perceived damage, often infuriates homeowners. Woodchucks have the uncanny ability to harvest lettuce the day before it is to be picked for an evening salad, and raccoons raid the sweet corn patch the moment ears are ripe. Moles hump up hills of dirt that lawnmowers hit, and skunks mine into the sod for […]

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