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Regis Middle School Labyrinth

Notes from a Pilgrim’s Year of Labyrinths

“This labyrinth was a tribute to a beloved teacher. Stones along the path are engraved with inspirational words, “Patience” “Courage” “Pray”. At the center is John 14:6. Situated on the hill behind the school gives the labyrinth a restful feeling of solitude. I think I shall call it my” local”, like you do with a […]

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Clearing the barberry

Clearing the Path While Creating a New Habit(at)

Clambering over the fallen branches of the cleared understory saplings, I realized I was pushing my way through a metaphor. Soon after the 1998 dedication, the forest began to show degradation from previous years of little maintenance. Garlic mustard took over the ground cover. Barberry seeds, spread by birds, quickly colonized in huge inaccessible patches, […]

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