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Giving Thanks.

This past year I have again kept a Gratitude Jar and almost daily write on a 2″x2″ sticky note the date and a Gratitude.  Periodically, I pour out the notes and look at them.  Since this is the time many in America are expressing on social media their gratitudes, I thought I’d share some randomly from my Gratitude Jar.

11-18 After a dusty fall of kitchen renovations: Cleaned the kitchen! (Then on to the rest of the house!)
8-31 Head Ache medicine.
9-18 Wine with Rich.
9-20 Everything organized for the trip East.
5-3 Teaching with Terri Off.
9-9 Hike with Norlanders. (At Beaver Creek Valley St. Pk.  MN.  A Lovely retreat!
7-20 Talk with other students in the Habits of the Mind class.
1-24 Chat with Margee after class.
2-13 Good report from Doctor.
5-10 Cafe McGregor.
11-5 Made Pumpkin Pie!
11-1 Found tiny screw to glasses.
5-22 Helped a congregant in need.
2-19 Call from Nancy.
6-30 Movie “Following Roots.”
5-18 Pizza for Cyd’s B-day.
4-6 Conversation with a HyVee worker who has color deficiency.
10-31 End of an amazing trip around Washington State.
12-16 Note from Bonnie in Washington State. She was a good friend to Mom and we’ve stayed in touch since she died.
3-2 Shelly got the missing files back!

Practicing an “Attitude of Gratitude” changes the karma and increases our positive energy.  This has been fun and rewarding to do. At the end of the year, I will look at them all and ceremonially burn them.  Then, start again!

Giving Thanks

Wise words

May your days be blessed with Gratitude and may you share with others.

2 Responses to Giving Thanks.

  1. Jacqueline Hull November 23, 2017 at 7:34 pm #

    There is so much to be thankful for each day. This morning I walked up to get the newspaper and noticed the crystal blue sky with only a smidgen of clouds to the east. Glorious and thank you God. We enjoy so much being here at the Ridge House on a ridge, of course, where we can see the sky 360 degrees and the mountains in our front yard.

  2. Alice Wilkinson November 25, 2017 at 5:29 pm #

    What a nice idea.

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