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Pilgrimage to Muscatine Labyrinth

Sometimes the experiences that yield the greatest learning are the ones that don’t follow our expectations and desires.  A group of labyrinth enthusiasts joined me on a pilgrimage to the Muscatine Labyrinth in the Arboretum on Harmony Lane. Tucked into the “elbow” of Hwy 61 on the northwest corner of Muscatine, this Arboretum with its […]

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We walk alone yet together in life


The world seems stressed now and yet, the tools we can use to help center and calm are sometimes gathering dust as we try to “figure things out.”  In this time of Lenten Reflection and approaching Passover, Sheryl Crow’s song and lyrics resonate with me.  “Out of Our heads” And I remember the work of […]

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Trail in winter

Wondrous Trail Encounter

On Sunday, December 13, 2015 a near magical encounter occurred. Heavy rain was predicted for the afternoon so I planned my walk for late morning. Light drizzle was falling as I approached a parking lot surprisingly full on such a gloomy day. A woman was putting snacks and beverages on a picnic table. When I […]

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Clearing the barberry

Clearing the Path While Creating a New Habit(at)

Clambering over the fallen branches of the cleared understory saplings, I realized I was pushing my way through a metaphor. Soon after the 1998 dedication, the forest began to show degradation from previous years of little maintenance. Garlic mustard took over the ground cover. Barberry seeds, spread by birds, quickly colonized in huge inaccessible patches, […]

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