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Pilgrimage to Muscatine Labyrinth

Sometimes the experiences that yield the greatest learning are the ones that don’t follow our expectations and desires.  A group of labyrinth enthusiasts joined me on a pilgrimage to the Muscatine Labyrinth in the Arboretum on Harmony Lane. Tucked into the “elbow” of Hwy 61 on the northwest corner of Muscatine, this Arboretum with its […]

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All Saints’ Day Walk

We could not have asked for better weather, especially in November!  On the first several Pilgrims  walked the 1080 Laughing Labyrinth reflecting, soaking in the sun and warm air, and sharing experiences. Some left quietly. Others shared a hug and thoughtful remark. Still others were obviously energized. That variety of experiences is a gift of labyrinths. And […]

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Regis Middle School Labyrinth

Notes from a Pilgrim’s Year of Labyrinths

“This labyrinth was a tribute to a beloved teacher. Stones along the path are engraved with inspirational words, “Patience” “Courage” “Pray”. At the center is John 14:6. Situated on the hill behind the school gives the labyrinth a restful feeling of solitude. I think I shall call it my” local”, like you do with a […]

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Sitting Quietly


A home and yard can be a place to find peace and tranquility in a stress filled world. Many recent studies reveal that being embraced by nature’s beauty offers stillness that calms the soul. But, it does more. Being in nature lowers blood pressure, stimulates the imagination, provides exercise and satisfaction, and nurtures creativity. Many […]

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