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Splitting Wood

Summer Wood for Winter Use

Much of our heat at Winding Pathways comes from our two woodstoves. We love the cozy warmth given by our stoves but there’s more to it than just heat. The wood we burn comes from trees that snatched carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in the past 100 years. Photosynthesis transformed carbon and water into wood, […]

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Overlooked Preparedness Item*

The United States seems to have one storm season followed by another. The year starts with blizzard threats and then transitions into tornado season. That’s followed by hurricane season until blizzards again become possible in late fall. Many people have prepared for loss of utilities caused by a huge storm. They have food, water, and […]

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Titmouse at Feeder

Titmice – Late Winter Songsters

Nearly everyone who feeds  birds across the eastern United States enjoys luring the black capped chickadee, white breasted nuthatch, downy woodpecker, goldfinch, and cardinal to the yard. All are fascinating nonmigrating birds of  deciduous forests and suburbia. We love all these birds but especially enjoy the tufted titmouse. The titmouse also loves living in suburban […]

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Learning from Photovoltaics

To:  Robert Dix, Brad Duggan, and Lisa Henderson  (all helped us with photovolotaic) What we’ve learned from our PV System  This week our photovoltaic system has given us a great learning opportunity.   We’ve now had several crystal clear days and the envision monitoring system clearly shows the electric production hour per hour.   It’s […]

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