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Overlands Create a Wondrous Urban Sanctuary

A short winding pathway around the home of Scott and Jan Overland leads to a wondrous backyard that’s an oasis of privacy and peace within bustling Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Butterflies flitted about as a hummingbird sipped nectar from an obedient plant as we toured the yard.     “When we first moved here the landscaping […]

Rich checking the food

Cast Iron Cookery

Want to buy a product that’s inexpensive, American made, can be used every day of your life and then passed on to your children as a legacy? Cast iron cookware fills the bill. One cool August morning Rich collected eggs from our backyard chicken flock, pulled out a cast iron skillet, and minutes later we […]


Jan Watkin’s Sunflower

A short note from Jan Watkins about her summer companion. “This lone sunflower volunteered to be in my garden. It looks in at me and makes me smile each day. It’s the little things. The special thing about this flower besides choosing my garden in which to bloom, is that it’s not even looking at the […]

A Mouse in the House

A long-ago children’s story began something like this, “There is a mouse in my house.  It is a very nice mouse. It has a long, long tail and shiny eyes.  It pops out of its hole and runs. My mother likes the mouse, but she says, ‘A mouse does not belong in a house.’” Well, […]

Black Eyed Susans

Indiana Labyrinths

August was a time of travel East.  On the way to and from we took in labyrinths in towns just off I-80. South Bend and Valaparaiso, Indiana, both have lovely labyrinths.  The South Bend labyrinths are located on Ironwood Road, a major north-south route close to Notre Dame University. Both are at churches and one […]

Butterfly on Monarda

Butterflies Galore!

Carol Lampe shared these pictures and write up of her wondrous yard and the pollinator action on Joe-Pye Weed (Eupatorium purpureum).  This is a particularly valuable fast food stop for migrating butterflies as it lasts into autumn. We have found it a bit difficult to start and then it takes off!  Give it plenty of space and […]