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Black Eyed Susans

Indiana Labyrinths

August was a time of travel East.  On the way to and from we took in labyrinths in towns just off I-80. South Bend and Valaparaiso, Indiana, both have lovely labyrinths.  The South Bend labyrinths are located on Ironwood Road, a major north-south route close to Notre Dame University. Both are at churches and one […]

Butterfly on Monarda

Butterflies Galore!

Carol Lampe shared these pictures and write up of her wondrous yard and the pollinator action on Joe-Pye Weed (Eupatorium purpureum).  This is a particularly valuable fast food stop for migrating butterflies as it lasts into autumn. We have found it a bit difficult to start and then it takes off!  Give it plenty of space and […]

The Bena’s Story of the Monarch Chrysalis

Here is a story fro Gordon and Nancy Bena about their interest in Monarchs, their chrysalis find and how they began to tend their property differently to encourage insects. “We went to the presentation given at the library that told us the fate of the Monarch. With that we were very careful not to mow down any […]

Yellow Jacket Ground Nest

Yellow Jackets

As Marion was looking out the window recently she saw Rich abandon the lawn mower and race across the yard swatting and jumping as he ran. What was going on? He’d pushed the mower up close to wood mulch around a tree and disturbed a Yellow Jacket nest.   They boiled out of their underground home […]