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    Winding Pathways encourages people to create wondrous yards, whether that yard is an expansive acreage, a suburban lot, or a condominium balcony. Learn more...

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Sprucing Up Decks and Chairs

When we bought Winding Pathways six years ago we ended up with two old wooden decks and steel deck furniture. We love our decks and often enjoy meals there.  Sometimes we just sit on our decks watching wildlife in the prairie and woodland. Unfortunately, our decks and furniture were showing their age. They were made […]


A Cornucopia of Winter Squash

One of the most exciting times of our gardening year is winter squash harvest. Few plants are as interesting or useful. They’re diverse, easy to grow, colorful, easy to store, delicious, and can be used in dozens of recipes. Winter squash were domesticated by Native Americans long before Columbus and with beans and corn provided […]


Overlands Create a Wondrous Urban Sanctuary

A short winding pathway around the home of Scott and Jan Overland leads to a wondrous backyard that’s an oasis of privacy and peace within bustling Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Butterflies flitted about as a hummingbird sipped nectar from an obedient plant as we toured the yard.     “When we first moved here the landscaping […]

Rich checking the food

Cast Iron Cookery

Want to buy a product that’s inexpensive, American made, can be used every day of your life and then passed on to your children as a legacy? Cast iron cookware fills the bill. One cool August morning Rich collected eggs from our backyard chicken flock, pulled out a cast iron skillet, and minutes later we […]


Jan Watkin’s Sunflower

A short note from Jan Watkins about her summer companion. “This lone sunflower volunteered to be in my garden. It looks in at me and makes me smile each day. It’s the little things. The special thing about this flower besides choosing my garden in which to bloom, is that it’s not even looking at the […]